When Overwhelm Hits … Dust Yourself Off and Pick Yourself Up

July 4, 2014

Feeling overwhelmed?We all have them.  Overwhelm days.  Days where it all seems too much.  As a small business owner the buck stops with you and I hear from clients often where they struggle to balance their personal life with ‘me time’ with running a business.

Take this week, I’ve had a doozy!  I missed a deadline, made a mistake and had an upset client.  It’s been a manic, chaotic week with some urgent tasks which blew my schedule.  All in the one week. And shit happens!  No matter what job you’re in or business you run, there are days when it’s just a bit overwhelming and hiding seems the best option.

How do I feel when overwhelmed?

Sick.  When I make a mistake or for whatever reason have an unhappy client I get really upset. But hey, I haven’t got this far by throwing in the towel and neither have you.

What do I do when overwhelm hits?

I take myself away, grab a coffee, turn the music up and read my book for half an hour.  I give myself some space.

So when overwhelm hits, give yourself a break and escape for a bit.  Music, a walk, the gym, smile!  Turn your mind off your problems and do something that makes you happy.

Then What?

Then deal with it!!  This is the part where you dust yourself off and pick yourself up.  You know, when the going gets tough the tough gets going!  Put right the wrong that has you down, look at why you’re overwhelmed and come up with a solution (and make that solution happen).  In my case I apologised for my mistake and we came up with a plan so it won’t happen again, I looked at tasks I’m doing that my contractors could do and wrote a few procedures to hand them over with (equals no more missed deadlines) and I talked to the unhappy customer … it turned out he had some problems at home and vented at me in error (he was overwhelmed!).

The Point

Not my normal post but like I said, it’s been a doozy of a week.  I just wanted you to know we all feel it’s too hard sometimes and when you own your own business there’s no manager to go to for solutions.  But there are coaches, mentors, professional service providers, funded tools and support out there.  Hell there’s even virtual assistants who specialise in managing overwhelm … we know all about it!

Love some comments from you on this subject – how do you manage your overwhelm?


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