Who Needs Customers (and how to drive them away)

April 22, 2011

I have concentrated in recent posts on improving your customer service.  On a lighter note (though tongue in check as these practices are going on out there) are 20 ways to make your customers feel less valued, unsatisfied and ultimately, no longer customers.
  1. Ignore emails.
  2. Argue with your customer.
  3. Misrepresent your product or service.
  4. Fail to return calls.
  5. Talk down to your customer.
  6. Be late in (or fail with) submitting a quote.
  7. Alter order without informing customer.
  8. Refuse to go ‘out of your way’ to meet requirements.
  9. Ignore ‘unsubscribe’ instructions.
  10. Fail to list full contact details on website.
  11. Forget the old (but true) adage “the customer is always right”.
  12. Adequately train your staff to fulfill their job requirements.
  13. Itemise products or services charged on invoices.
  14. Apologise sincerely when a mistake has been made.
  15. Look and act like you don’t enjoy your job.
  16. Use forms or automated phone systems, your clients want to talk to you or your staff – not waste valuable time trying to get through to you.
  17. Make your customers wait for assistance.
  18. Be dishonest – ever.
  19. ?
  20. ?
No!  I am sadly missing the last two DON’Ts on my list – please comment so I can complete my post, with help I am sure there are more than 20 out there.

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