Why Hire an Online Personal Assistant?

April 18, 2011

Some people still believe that hiring a personal assistant is something that only executives do.  Or, they believe that the costs would be too great for them to consider hiring their own personal assistant.  Many clients are initially unfamiliar with the entire concept of a personal assistant outside of the work setting. 
Imagine this scenario:
Your 60-80 hour per week career is very demanding, leaving little time for you to handle your household and personal affairs.  In fact, there are many times that things are simply not completed as you try to spend your personal time with loved ones instead of running errands.
One day, as you drive home after a busy day in the office, thinking how exhausted you are and aware of all the things still to be completed you decide enough is enough and, once home you go online to look for available options to relieve the pressure.  You come across my site, www.yourva.co.nz and after reading the information decide to give my services a try.  You decide to delegate 10 hours per week, a small risk and potentially a big reward if it works out.

To start, you create a list of items you are behind with at the office (newsletter should have been sent last week, spreadsheet showing last month’s figures still to be updated, email management – could this be delegated, accounts payable to be set up).  Now you are on a roll, personal items come to mind (anniversary gift for your parents, weekend away to be researched and organised, personal budget…where do you stop).
You have to admit, you were a bit unsure of the process the first time around as you had never tried a service like this before.  But, not only is your initial task completed on time, but it was completed above and beyond your initial standards.  So, you sent the next task and the next task to your virtual assistant.  Now, anything that can be delegated you give to your personal assistant.  As a result, you have more personal time and your office is running better than ever.  You don’t have to worry about spending your time running errands and being bogged down in the office with work you don’t enjoy.  
If only you had located this service earlier as it would have saved a tremendous amount of your valuable time!

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