To Pinterest Or Not To Pinterest?

October 15, 2013

To Pinterest or not to Pinterest?

Pinterest was launched three years ago in March 2010 and hit the social media world by storm last year.  Do you use it?  Do you like it … should you use it?

Why I use Pinterest

I use Pinterest for two main reasons;

1.  Sharing information on Pinterest results in good traffic to my site.  Good in terms of measurements, those being:

  • number of pages viewed
  • time spent on site
  • low bounce rate

2.  I also use Pinterest as my own library or cache of articles I want to read when I get a minute or refer back to.  I’ve even been known to show my hairdresser a pin of a particular hair style I wanted her to copy!


How I use Pinterest

For myself, very quickly!  It’s not a network that needs to take up much time.  For clients, I go a little deeper.  Here are some of the ways I use Pinterest to raise my (or my client’s) online profile:

  • Use the Pin It button to quickly pin articles you come across as you browse.
  • Embed Pinterest posts on your website to drive traffic to your Pinterest account.
  • Promote your blog content.  A benefit Pinterest has over other social networks is a longer shelf life of your content.  Pay particular attention to showcasing your posts with high quality visuals.
  • Don’t forget video!  Pin videos amongst your boards, keep them short, relevant and engaging.
  •  Identify your demographic and industry players in Pinterest and follow them (and/or their boards).
  • Comment on pins to engage with and create connections within Pinterest.
  • Don’t forget #hashtags to increase search traffic and make your pins easier to find.  Hashtags can also be used to integrate campaigns across your social media networks.
  • Promote your Pinterest presence on your website, other social media profiles and your email signature.
  • Create resourceful boards based on a few keywords that you already use in your SEO strategy.
  • Host a contest asking followers what they love about your products, services or brand.  This article from HubSpot showcases 8 examples of engaging Pinterest competitions.
  • Re-pin and like pins in your area of expertise and of interest to your demographic.  When someone sees you interacting with their content, they may check out your profile and add you to their network.
  • Create a community board where you encourage other users to contribute their own pins to the board.  This encourages fans, customers, prospects, colleagues and connections to be involved in your marketing.
  • Reciprocate those who follow you by following them in return (if they align with the demographic and area you are creating a network in).
  • Dedicate a board to your staff and/or customers!  Encourage them to pin photos or take photos of them at your next event, workshop or meeting.
  • Link applicable pins to your website where this adds value to your readers or followers.  Track and measure these links to help you use Pinterest even better as you build data on what your audience is interested in.
  • Finally, have fun!  Learn from other pinners and be consistent.  A little, often (like any network), is better than a lot, sometimes.

Your turn: Do you use Pinterest for personal or business?  What do you think of it … to Pinterest or not to Pinterest?



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