Work Life Balance – How Achieving Great Work Life Balance Can Make A Difference

June 25, 2012

Work life balanceby Justine Parsons


Let’s look at your work life balance.  You put in 120% effort in at work everyday.  You mult-task, problem solve, goal set, budget and manage.  You are patient with both clients and staff, creating a great business to work with and a great place to work.

And then you go home.

Usually exhausted!

If you had the time and energy for your personal life that you dedicate to your professional life, just imagine the difference.  The difference to your family and friends, the difference to your efficiency, the difference to how you feel.  A better work life balance could mean that your personal life runs as efficiently and creatively as your professional life already does.

Now people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones and it was looking at my work life balance that inspired this article.  I am as guilty as the next person of working weekends and evenings, when I am not working … chances are I’m thinking about it!  However I have recently noticed a trend with my clients in outsourcing more of their personal tasks and am looking at how I can manage my personal life better.

Solutions to help you create a better work life balance:

  • Dedicate an hour each month for your personal finances.  If you haven’t already, prepare a budget and start measuring your actual expenses and income versus your budget.  Set financial goals and prepare a strategy to meet those goals.
  • Schedule a time each day for your family (not TV time!).  It could be a coffee with your partner, a board game or kicking the ball around in the evening with your children.  This time could be the most important half and hour (or more) you spend each day.
  • On an annual basis, revisit your fixed expenses.  Are you getting the best deal on your mortgage, insurance, electricity, communications?  Ask three companies for each expense to quote.  The best deal when you signed up may not be the best deal now.
  • Don’t forget important dates.  Friends and family birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions could all be entered in your calendar.  Set reminders a week prior to the event so you have time to organise a gift or card.
  • To be successful in business you need to be successful personally.  What are your personal goals?  If you haven’t already, write them down and plan a strategy to ensure your success.
  • Delegate.  Whether you delegate professional tasks to free your time or personal tasks to ensure they get done, the aim is to make better use of your time and resources, both at home and at work.

Case study

A client recently outsourced her weekly blog to me.  This was a task she (we will call her Jemima) performed in the evenings and by outsourcing would free up 2 – 3 hours per week.  We have put together a content calendar to ensure her blog is working toward the goals she set.  I research, write and format the blog posts and Jemima tweaks if necessary with any personal notes.  She uses this newly created time slot for date night with her husband.

Work life balance … better!

Your turn

Do you have a healthy work life balance?  Comment in the form below, would love to hear your advice, challenges and aspirations!

Image Credit: Female Science Professor

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