12 Must Have Characteristics Of A Workplace MVP

March 30, 2016

Whether you are part of a virtual team or in-house, striving to be a workplace MVP (most valuable player) is something that should be part of your workplace DNA.  No-one (great) will stay in a team with an overriding ‘that will do’ approach.  On the flip-side, everyone wants to work for and with you if your workplace values motivation, ethics, sincerity, inspiration, leadership … traits that make for a MV business made up of most valuable players throughout your team.

So, how does your team stack up?

12 Characteristics of a Workplace MVP

  1. Internal and external customers sing your praises
  2. Thinkers and doers
  3. Quick to see patterns and opportunities as they emerge
  4. Excel at active listening
  5. Create frameworks that let your organisation identify opportunities
  6. Have a clear, concise vision of what needs to be achieved
  7. Your code of ethics is strong and consistent
  8. Have an ability to keep calm and positive under pressure
  9. Lead by example
  10. Set measurable goals and produce strategic action plans to achieve goals
  11. See past the present to the potential
  12. Problem solver

A successful business is only as strong as it’s weakest link.  By creating a culture of workplace excellence and fostering the MVP mentality throughout your whole team, success is undeniable.

Your thoughts?  How did you and/or your team stack up?


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