You expect great customer service … do you deliver the same?

November 2, 2011

by Justine Parsons

Definition: Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. (Source: Wikipedia)

When was the last time you walked out of a shop after being ignored by the sales staff?  Your business success begins and ends with your customer service – every time, all the time – and whether you are an owner operator or employ 50 staff, your customer service is why clients will return and refer you to their friends and colleagues.

How to deliver great customer service:

Draft procedures to cover your customer service process.  With procedures all staff are aware of the expectations, you can also streamline processes using forms and templates which increases your productivity and reduces opportunity for error.  For example, a procedure to reply to a customer inquiry will cover the following:

  1. Time in which the inquiry is answered
  2. Job title of staff responsible for the procedure
  3. Is the inquiry from your website? (yes) a. note details in xyz spreadsheet to capture information for marketing; b. use xyz email template to respond to inquiry; c. mark for follow up in X days if no reply

Examples of procedures include (but there are many, many more!):

  1. Customer inquiries
  2. Customer complaints
  3. Customer satisfaction survey
  4. New customer
  5. Lost sale
  6. Customer complaints
  7. After sale follow up
  8. Customer feedback
  9. Measuring performance with KPI’s

By treating each customer as you like to be treated yourself you are ensuring that your customers will come back.  Customer service is more important than ever before in this age of internet.  As more customer service functions are outsourced, automated and streamlined – your customer’s perception of their entire experience, from finding your website right through to gaining their repeat business, is critical to your businesses success.

Your comments: What is the most important factor of service to you as a customer?

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