Your Business Plan: From the Desk of a Small Business

December 14, 2009

Being self employed and working from home has its pros and cons.  With the stats stacked against home businesses succeeding, over the next weeks I will outline some tips which have helped me to grow my own business as a Virtual Assistant.
Your Business Plan
Set out your goals, cashflow predictions, marketing plan and timelines in a business plan designed to assist your business growth.  A well designed plan is not a document for your bank manager to file but a working document which changes regularly as your business changes.
Contact me for assistance with the following:
  1. An easy to follow template
  2. Completing and reviewing your draft
  3. Implementing your plan and applying it in your day to day operation

Done correctly, your business plan will help overcome and identify any weakness or adversity.  It will assist you in identifying your market and meeting those requirements.  The plan will be necessary in applying for investment or mentor advise and ultimately, should you decide, will help to sell your successful business.

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