Your Twitter Profile Health Check

May 16, 2013

Your Twitter profile health check

by Justine Parsons

Whether you are new to Twitter or a daily user, your profile is your shop window.  New followers will see your profile and bio and make a snap decision as to whether you are someone they want to network with … or not.  Here are some tips to make sure your profile is all that it could be.

The following elements should be in place, and of high quality:

  • Header image 
  • Background image
  • Keyword optimised bio
  • Linked with your other social media profiles
  • Listed in major Twitter directories
  • “Follow Me” or widget on your website
  • Featured tweet at the top of your Twitter feed

Header Image

[Resource] Tutorial: How to change your profile photo and information

Dimensions for the header image are:

  • Recommended image size: 1252 pixels wide by 626 pixels high
  • Your image must be larger than 700 pixels wide for image quality
  • File must be under 5MB
  1. In Photoshop or another image creation software application, create an image using the specifications above to best show the reader what your company provides.
  2. Upload the image into the Twitter profile [Edit profile – profile – change header].
  3. Test the uploaded image on both a desktop and a mobile device.  It should be:
    1. Easy to read
    2. Work with the profile image and bio that Twitter places on the header image
    3. Include a call to action (i.e. website, hashtag or subscription link)
  4. Make any changes required, identified by testing on desktop and mobile device.
  5. Save new image.

Background Image

[Resource] Tutorial: How to customize your Twitter design

Dimensions for the background image are:

  • Width: 2048 pixels
  • Height: 1900 pixels
  • Resolution: 72 pixels/inch

Users who stumble across your profile will expect to see basic branding, such as company name, logo, and URLs.

Choose a background colour/image

Paint the entire canvas one color.  Alternatively, you could insert an image that takes up the entire background. Just be sure you own the rights to the image you choose, and consider how it will look when part of it is covered up by the twitter feed.

Add your text

Write the text and add whatever images you choose to the 300-pixel wide, left-hand column.  As an example, add your company name, a brief bio, urls for website and social networks, and your company logo.  Nothing too crazy!  What you choose should reflect your company’s identity and should also be simple. Twitter is the world of 140-character updates for a reason. Users are used to brevity, so keep it short.

Save your file correctly

Now, save the file to a safe place to ensure you can find the original file again when you need to update it. Then, save the file again as one of the three file types Twitter accepts: JPG, PNG, or GIF. Be sure that the image size does not exceed 800K, because that is the maximum file size Twitter accepts.

Upload your background to Twitter

Finally, go to your personal or company Twitter profile, and head over to “settings.” This option is listed in a drop-down menu under your twitter username on the upper right-hand side. Once you’ve navigated to “settings,” click the “design” tab and select “change background image.” Upload your background, save changes, and your beautiful and custom background will appear right before your eyes.

Optimised Bio

Bio information is key and it is important to front load your bio with strategic keywords. Services like Klout pull your Twitter bio information as your Klout profile description. FollowerWonk, and other Twitter search engines use keywords in your bio in search results when people are looking for similar tweeps to follow. You can also include a hashtag, link or another Twitter handle if applicable.

A strong bio will give people:

  • Information about your industry or work, if that’s why you’re on Twitter
  • A good indication of what you’ll be tweeting about (explicitly or implicitly)
  • A little personality and/or where you might find common ground

It’s also a good idea to include your location and remember, a little bit of personality is more often than not what starts a conversation on Twitter.

Link to other social media profiles

Log into any accounts your company has in other social media profiles and add your Twitter link to these.

Don’t set up Twitter to auto-post tweets to other profiles as you want to create separate content for each platform.  It is however good practice to share LinkedIn updates with Twitter, providing the update is relevant to Twitter.  You can select at time of posting on LinkedIn (or in Hootsuite) whether you want to share on Twitter.

Listed on Twitter Directories

Submit to the following directories:

Profile ‘Call to Action’

The goal of social media is ultimately to increase business and by including a call to action in your company bio you are one step closer to achieving this goal.

You can go with “contact me today for further information” or “satisfaction guaranteed” or simply ask, “How may I be of service to you?” It’s optional to list further ways to contact you such as a URL at the end such as an email address or link to subscription form.

Twitter link on website

Adding a link on your website for visitors to follow you on Twitter (as with other social media accounts) is essential.  The link should be above the fold in a place that catches the eye.

There are 3 ways to add a ‘follow me on Twitter’ to your site:

  1. Go to Twitter’s resource centre to get the code to add to your site
  2. Insert an image representing Twitter on your site and hyperlink to your Twitter profile.
  3. If your website is WordPress, download a plugin to add social media profiles to your site.

Using a Featured Tweet

Businesses can elect to feature a particular tweet above their timeline. This featured tweet also auto-expands to show an embedded photo or video from Flickr, YouTube, or another source.

This is a great way to highlight particular campaigns, promotions, or offers you’re running that you’d like to attract more visibility to over a longer period of time. The shelf-life of a regular tweet is short, but with the use of these featured tweets, you can essentially expand the shelf-life of a promotion on Twitter. You can also support these tweets with engaging images and videos to better illustrate your offer.


Your Turn: Share your tips for Twitter profiles that hold your attention, what have you seen or done to your own that makes you think wow!



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